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Welcome to It is a great honor to launch this website on July Fourth 2004, one year after the US Supreme Court abolished the remaining anti-sodomy laws in America. Anti-sodomy laws have been used unjustly to persecute or deny gays and lesbians basic human rights all over the world just for being different than the heterosexual majority. Many of us gay immigrants come to America with the hope of escaping this oppression and ignorance, and the dream to live a queer American life free of fear. Now we can ALL proudly pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America which ends with the promise: "I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Clips of the 2003 Invasion Video with Annida Greenkard, Panzi, Isabella Rossellini, & the Mona Lisa!

We are still waiting for full national legal recognition of our rights to marry, but celebrate the Massachusetts and New York Supreme Court decisions in that direction. Civil marriage is the legal gateway to 1,049 protections, rights and responsibilities granted by the federal government and many more granted by the state. In New York, the rights and responsibilities number more than 700, bringing the total to almost 1800 that are automatically made available to a couple when the receive a civil marriage license. These protections, rights and responsibilities cover almost every aspect of life including taxation, social security and veterans benefits, wills and estates, child support and custody, pensions, and immigration. For more on same-sex marriage and gay civil rights please visit and support Freedom To Marry and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Annida Greenkard discovers she is the illigitimate daughter of Invasion Founder PANZI at the 2002 Invasion!

This website is dedicated to PANZI, the Imperial Court of New York's Empress XII of Loyalty and Laughter, for her courage in launching a small revolution; and to the brave Drag Queens and Drag Kings who every year celebrate American Independence by daring to express their freedom to be different in the world famous 4th of July Cherry Grove Drag Queen Invasion of Fire Island Pines. Considered America's first and preeminent gay & lesbian resort towns, Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines of Fire Island, New York host a rich and diverse international artistic community. The Fire Island Drag Queen Invasion is a fascinating and brilliant American Queer celebration of diversity and freedom launched in response to discrimination within the Gay community. Click on PANZI to read her biography and a personal Statement for 2004. See Fire Island to learn more about this fabulous island paradise.

Drag queens have always been an integral part of the bohemian Cherry Grove bar & club scene, but frowned upon and practically forbidden in the more affluent and conservative Fire Island Pines of the 70s. According to legend, in 1976 a Cherry Grove man in drag (Teri Warren) was denied service at the Botel, a Pines restaurant & bar owned by John B. Whyte (who died at 75 on March 22, 2004). Upon hearing about this blatant discrimination against one of her sisters, the newly crowned Homecoming Queen of the Arts Project Cherry Grove, PANZI (Thom Hansen) took it upon herself to lead a small group of 9 brave Cherry Grove girls in a water taxi into the Pines harbor one hot afternoon for what they expected to be a confrontational welcoming by the Pines men. On the contrary, the Pines men were so surprised and entertained by this “Drag Queen Invasion” in the middle of the day that they welcomed them all to drinks at the Blue Whale bar for what now is a yearly celebration and tradition. To learn more about this fascinating story read the entertaining and well written History of the Invasion by Jim Jordan at

CLICK HERE to see Orangina fly, fly during the 2002 Invasion.

Now the Invasion starts out every 4th of July at Noon in downtown Cherry Grove as a parade of hundreds of drag queens and drag kings boarding a big ferry and disembarking in the Fire Island Pines harbor to the welcoming music and cheers of thousands of gay men, women, and straight admirers. The Invasion is an example of the power of transformation and freedom that gays and lesbians possess to unite our communities in celebrating our own diversity.

Check out the Mona Lisa smile and our Calendar Girls in the Drag Queen Invasion 2005 Calendars, featuring the photography of Abnel Rodríguez and Luis Carle; in addition to hilarious the Invasion Videos produced by César A. Pérez of the amazing and daring Cherry Grove Drag Queens during their 2002 and 2003 Invasions of Fire Island Pines hosted by Annida Greenkard (the heroine of undocumented queer immigrants). The 2003 Invasion Video includes exclusive interviews with Invasion Founder, PANZI and Isabella Rossellini (Ingrid Bergman's daughter) in "don't ask, don't tell" military drag commenting on the abolition of Sodomy laws and Same-Sex Marriage!

Clips of the 2003 Invasion Video with Annida Greenkard, Panzi, Isabella Rossellini, & the Mona Lisa!

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